3 de octubre de 2013

Mensaje de Gem

Bueno, Gem saludo a los fans desde el Facebook de Beady Eye. No deja en claro cuando sera su vuelta, pero dice que tiene muchas ganas de volver a tocar con la banda. Acá lo dejo.

Hi all.

Gem here saying a big thank you from the bottom of my being to everyone for their kind words, wishes, messages and patience over the past weeks. I am on the mend, not gone round the bend and treading carefully whilst taking each day as a giant leap forward.

I still consider myself lucky, who knows why things happen, but they do and it all could have been much worse but it wasn't.

That was then and as of now, I can't wait to stand with a guitar in my hand alongside the rest of the boys, on a stage in front of some of you from November onwards.

"You can't change the wind, but you can change how you walk into it" as an old friend said to me once. Here's to next time and knowing a little more of how to do the walk!

Bring it on. Thanks again.

Peace, love, luck and respect.

Gem Archer.

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